The Store

Designed For Records

The Backstash storefront was built from the ground up to make buying records and merchandise easy and enjoyable for your customers. Sell pre-orders, backorders, t-shirts, posters, books and anything music-related.

Record Specifics

Our product page was designed to sell records. Easily show your customer all the specifics he needs to know about the record he’s buying (format, release date, reviews, tracklist, images, video’s and more).

Sell Anywhere

Mobile shopping is big. So we’ve invested heavily into making sure our store is as accessible on mobile as it is on desktop.

Customer Accounts

Customers can checkout faster and keep track of their previous orders by making an account.

Business Accounts

Create special accounts for trusted businesses who shop at different prices. Allow them to place an order without paying upfront.

Shopping Cart & Checkout

Shipping Prices

Create detailed and precise shipping rates for any country, based on any calculation you can think of (i.e. based on weight, percentage, fixed amount and more).

Shipping Options

Allow customers to choose from multiple shipping options, such as normal, registered, protected, … Each with it’s own automatically calculated price.

Payment Options

Offer your customer their choice of payment option (i.e. credit card, PayPal, Bancontact, iDeal, Sofort and more). Don’t like gateway costs? Charge customers for using a specific payment option.

Secure Shopping

We take of securing your data and your customer’s data. Your store is secured with SSL from shopping to checkout.

Gift Cards & Promo Codes

Generate gift card codes usable in your online store. Create promo codes that can work in a variety of ways: one-time use, x-amount of uses, unlimited uses or usable only from x till y. (in development)

Product Management

Unlimited Products

Manage and sell as many records and merchandise as you want.

Record Specifics

On top of the required fields for artist, title and format, you can add a range of custom information to the record with fields like: label, release date, country, genre(s), tracklist, audio & video links, …

Inventory Control

Easily control your product’s stock count. Add and subtract where needed. Automatically stop selling online when you run out. See a detailed history per product.

Merchandise Variations

Offer different variations of merchandise products, each with it’s own weight, price and stock.

Import / Export

We can import your collection from any CSV, XLS or MySQL file you supply us.

Automatic Tagging & Filters

Your products are automatically tagged with the artist, format and genre(s) you add. These are automatically added to the filters in your online store.

Order Management

Order Status Options

Keep track of every order from start to finish with a range of order statuses (i.e. new order, ready for shipment, refunded, cancelled and more).

Bulk Order Management

Instantly change details and statuses of multiple orders at once. (in development)

Generated Lists

Easily export a selection of orders for printing or administration in a multitude of formats (CSV, XLS and PDF).

Mobile Management

Our entire online admin website is responsive and accessible on desktop, tablet and smartphone. Need to pack orders? Just load up the admin on smartphone and you’ll have access to the same information and functions as you would on your desktop.

Pre-made emails

Keep your customer updated on their order with a range of pre-made emails (i.e. expected shipping date, delay in shipping, product out of stock and more). Just fill in a few fields and we’ll take care of the rest.

Automatic Invoices

Send your business customers an automatically generated, fully legal, invoice for the order they’ve placed. Customize it to your brand’s style and add information where necessary. (in development)

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