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This 7” follow up to Bordel Militaire’s debut release has the antipodean peddlers of industrial exotica angrier and more bitter than the boss’ daughter. Side A’s cut is a brand new track that swings as much as it hurts – a perfect summary of BM’s marriage of downtempo noir with fierce po...
€ 12
The first chapter of Militia's Archive Collection takes us back to their 1996-1997 recordings. The disc holds six tracks taken from the 'War Against Society' compilation, the 'Pain/Familiedrama' tracks featuring Con-Dom and Laura Maes and ends with the 'Kingdom Of Our Lord' mcd. All tracks were pre...
€ 10
"Power, Propaganda, Production!" is the new MILITIA album and it's a bull's eye! The six famous muscle workers from Belgium have not only unleashed a new production following their 2005 album "Everything Is One" on the new defunct Tactical but have also set a new milestone in the...
€ 15
Showing 1 to 3 of 3 total