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Pure Ground / Luminance - Pure Ground / Luminance

Vinyl / LP
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Splitalbum between LA's EBM/minimal synth duo Pure Ground and Brussels based soloact Luminance.

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Los Angeles, Pure Ground—the electronic music duo famous for their powerful industrial-ebm music, tinged with dark folk / dark ambient elements.

Now the pair are back with a split-album realized together with Luminance, the solo project of DA, a French artist based in Brussels, who has already quite an extensive discography in the dream-synthpop-darkwave style.

Each band takes one side of the album and with the final track on each side being a collaborative song.

Format Vinyl / LP
Genre(s) Minimal Synth, EBM, Electro, New Wave, Darkwave
Label Die Blinden Records
Catalogue No. DB-004
Release Date 29/03/2018
Country Belgium
  • A1 –Pure Ground Not Listening 4:14
  • A2 –Pure Ground Framed In Light 5:40
  • A3 –Pure Ground To Severance 4:14
  • A4 –Pure Ground W/ Luminance Last Stand 5:04
  • B1 –Luminance Colony 5:04
  • B2 –Luminance What They See 4:30
  • B3 –Luminance Great Sinister With Silent Nails 4:13
  • B4 –Luminance W/ Pure Ground Fall Away 5:40

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