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Sebastopol - The Landing, 11 (CD)

CD / Album
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Second Sebastopol album, focusing on Apollo 11 and the first landing on the moon.

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Jumpers for goalposts? Some memories are infinitely more than just recalling a moment of mind-boggling happiness or exquisite beauty. In the case of Marc Debroey aka Sebastopol, it's the flight of Apollo 11, its landing on the moon followed by that giant leap for mankind, and the journey's safe return: an instance of sci-art if ever there was one. For the mesmerized five-year old, eyes glued to the black-and-white Acec television set, it was nothing less than magic.

And it still is. Because, on Sebastopol's new album, "The Landing 11", Marc Debroey travels back to that landmark moment in history via the wondrous time machine of analog synthesis. With its unique blend of electronic krautrock, rhythmic ambience, crackling voice conversations and primitive sequencers, "The Landing 11" is a soundtrack in its own right. Enthralling and addictive, it may just bring back the five-year-old in you, even if the days of black-and-white television sets have long gone. And that is essentially a good thing.

This is Belgian NeuMusik Chapter 9

Format CD / Album
Genre(s) Electro, Space, Moog, EM, Ambient
Label Wool-E Discs
Catalogue No. WED025
Release Date 07/04/2018
Barcode 3481575124570
Country Belgium
  • 1. The Landing Prequel 06:08
  • 2. Leaving 02:10
  • 3. Orbit 03:22
  • 4. Capsule With A View 04:13
  • 5. Landing Part One 01:01
  • 6. First Waltz On The Moon 04:54
  • 7. No Contact 04:10
  • 8. The Landing Part Six 04:22
  • 9. Return 00:31
  • 10. Going Home 03:58
  • 11. Epilogue 02:01

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