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Sensory++ - Art Of Sadness

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November will never be the same again.

A musical story about the beauty of melancholy, the bliss from tears, the warm cover of woe. Curl up in a corner and enjoy the music.

From 2014 up to 2016 was a turbulent time for Sensory++ in which he traveled through all layers of the soul to the bare core of his existence, only to have found himself again. The snapshots of that journey were carefully forged into sound. Together they form the Art of Sadness.

Sadness is perhaps the most important emotion that makes us human. The ability to mourn is very underestimated; it is part of the healing process that roots from the first self-aware creatures to the highest life forms in the universe. It is a trajectory that offers a soothing comfort, when well played. Go back to that place where “feeling” becomes purposeless, yet gets its own identity and becomes a friend that comforts you.

Cd comes in a lovely 4-panel digisleeve and is limited to 300 copies.

For fans of 70's Schulze & Tangerine Dream, Eno and modern ambient.

Format CD
Genre(s) Ambient, Berlin School, EM
Label Wool-E Discs
Catalogue No. WED015
Release Date 18/11/2017
Barcode 3481575071614
Country Belgium
  • 1 Turbulent Feelings 12:40
  • 2 Melancholia 16:27
  • 3 Just Breathe 8:55
  • 4 Fading 7:52
  • 5 Silent Tears 12:52
  • 6 Final Thought 11:44

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