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Black Spider Clan - Metamorphosis

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This CD album by Black Spider Clan , a project of Beta Evers and Dystronic, contains all the previously released track from 2002 - 2016 + 2 unreleased tracks and presents 15 years of Dark Elektro.

They started in 2002 with a recording-session and a release on Beta Evers' Kommando 6 label after. As they were both busy with their solo projects, they only recorded sporadically after that.

Since they mainly record and play with an extensive analog setup, they only played live twice, once in Belgium (Liege), once in France (Paris). Besides a few contributions for compilations they released a total number of 2 EPs until 2015.

The retrospective album "Metamorphosis" presents you 15 years of dark elektro and contains all their tracks plus 2 new previously unreleased ones!

Follow Black Spider Clan into the ultimate darkness.....

Format CD
Genre(s) Electro, Darkwave
Label Daft Records
Catalogue No. D1066CD
Release Date 22/01/2017
Barcode 8016670127123
Country Belgium
  • 1 Keiner Kommt Hier Lebend Raus
  • 2 Living In A Twilight
  • 3 Broken Mirror
  • 4 Debiler Drang
  • 5 Far Behind
  • 6 Deadline At Dawn
  • 7 Die Nacht Bricht Herein
  • 8 Whirling Around
  • 9 Wrong Path
  • 10 Don't Belong Here
  • 11 Das Tor Zur Urfinsternis
  • 12 Der Tod Ist Nicht Umsonst
  • 13 A Spider's Journey
  • 14 Da Qui Non Esci Vivo

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