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IIVII - Invasion

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With his 2015 album “Colony”, Josh Graham (A Storm of Light, ex-Neurosis, ex-Red Sparowes, ex-Battle of Mice, …) coined the genre “Ambient Fiction” for his musical project IIVII. This moniker couldn’t be more apt, as Graham is exploring the boundaries between ambient music and science fiction themes. IIVII’s music is difficult to pigeonhole: making use of analogue synths and tape loops, the music refers to eighties film music on the one hand, a nod to the Berlin school ambient on the other hand, but nonetheless sounding refreshingly contemporary. The modus operandi of layering droning sounds and crafting eerie soundscapes is forwarded to his new album “Invasion”, but Graham expanded on the IIVII sound with more percussive elements, giving the music an extra drive and ominous urgency. As usual, the visual side of the album is absolutely stunning, hinting at the great invasion movies that make up the collective memory. We can’t wait to see “Invasion” come to life live, with Graham’s signature visuals complementing this incredible music.

Format LP
Genre(s) Ambient, EM, Soundscapes
Label Consouling Sounds
Catalogue No. SOUL0085
Release Date 23/06/2017
Barcode 3481574966881
Country Belgium
  • A1 We Came Here From A Dying World (I)
  • A2 Unclouded By Conscience
  • A3 Hidden Inside
  • A4 No More Enemies
  • B1 Tomorrow You'll Be One Of Us (II)
  • B2 Painless
  • B3 We Live
  • B4 You Die
  • B5 Sanctuary (III)

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