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The Breath Of Life - Under The Falling Stars

CD / Album
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In 1992 with the release of their second studio album "Taste of sorrow" (Hall of Sermon), this Belgian band started to develop their unique sound. Everyone recognizes their classic club-hitsNasty cloud and Shining. This year they are back to proudly announce the newly awaited album "Under the falling stars".With this 9th release, the band entices the listener back into their own specific realm of emotions. Mixed, produced & mastered by Gilles Martin (Tuxedomoon, Malaria, Wire, Minimal Compact, Indochine), who worked with the band on their first five albums. The magical balance between delicacy and power of their music will once again be unveiled on this new release. A beautiful mixture between splendid violins, strong or delicate guitars, groovy bass-lines, waves of keyboards and the unique ethereal voice of Isabelle.

Format CD / Album
Genre(s) Gothrock
Label Wool-E Discs
Catalogue No. WED012
Release Date 22/05/2017
Barcode 3481575020698
Country Belgium
  • 01. A Rainbow Is Fading 04:00
  • 02. Crime Passionel 04:00
  • 03. The Right Place 04:47
  • 04. Stolen Dreams 04:24
  • 05. The Magic Of Dreams 04:21
  • 06. Hide 05:51
  • 07. A New Reality 06:26
  • 08. Until The Day 06:11
  • 09. Black Out 04:12
  • 10. Higher 04:48
  • 11. From The Storms 04:17

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