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Te/DIS - Interrogation Gloom

CD / Album
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2nd Te/DIS album

Te/DIS is "Tempted Dissident" a German solo performer. He used to fulfill various musical roles while a member of different bands, but now with Te/DIS he intends to concentrate solely on electronic music. This has an angst-poppish underscoring, is kept clear and efficient, precisely structured with hard rhythms, carried by an extraordinary voice. The voice is also that which gives Te/DIS' music its soul, makes it stand out enabling it to be highly recognisable in future. A Dissident led into temptation, there is no instigation of revolution, but a healthy cynicism is preserved, which stems from his rather generally held opinion about mankind. No one has to share it with him, but that doesn't lead to the conclusion that he would make fewer friends, does it?

Format CD / Album
Genre(s) Darkwave, Electro, Industrial
Label Galakthorrö
Catalogue No. Galakthorrö 043
Release Date 07/04/2017
Country Germany
  • 1 Twin System
  • 2 Two Of A Kind
  • 3 Surface
  • 4 Dissection
  • 5 Ruin Porn
  • 6 Confession Of Secrets
  • 7 Less Like Me
  • 8 Image Of A Phantom
  • 9 Reenactment Scenario
  • 10 Dead Ember
  • 11 In The Box
  • 12 Impostor

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