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Die Form - Zoo

Vinyl / LP
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Remastered version of Die Puppe bonus tracks recorded 1980-1982.

These are the first mixes from original Revox reels, different than remixes that appeared on 1989 Normal edition and 2001 CD version.

Equipment : Roland MC-4 Micro-Composer, Kawai 60F, ARP 2600, Roland TR-808, Roland SBF-325 Flanger, Revox B-77

Format Vinyl / LP
Genre(s) Darkwave, Industrial, Modern Classical
Label Dark Entries
Catalogue No. DE-136
Release Date 27/09/2016
Barcode 744271372496
Country USA
  • A1 Message Through Hertz
  • A2 Sex By Force
  • A3 Ouverture
  • A4 Ton Retrait Des Eaux
  • A5 Hand In Hand
  • B1 Leders Klub
  • B2 Invisible Man
  • B3 Zoophilic Lolita
  • B4 Stranger
  • B5 After The Last Gaze

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