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East Wall - Eyes Of Glass

Vinyl / 12inch
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Each copy includes a double sided postcard with photos and lyrics

Recorded & mixed at the Master Studio 33, September 1984

Instruments: Upright piano, PPG Wave 2, Roland ProMars Compuphonic (MRS-2), Roland Juno 60, Simmons drums

“Eyes Of Glass” is a true Italo classic. No doubt about that. Outstanding combination of awesome synths and special vocal results in a very unique sound which truly captures the 80s atmosphere/vibe. This record has a very nice touch of New Wave, but made less poppy and commercial.

As an extreme Italo collector I began in 1983 to collect everything from certain labels and select artists/producers. One of them is Angelo Bergamini. Probably most famous for his brilliant Kirlian Camera releases. I also kept an eye out for everything from Studio Master 33, Cremona (CR) Italy – just check out the impressive list of output from this studio.

Flemming Dalum, September 2016

Format Vinyl / 12inch
Genre(s) Synthpop, Italodisco
Label Dark Entries
Catalogue No. DE-144
Release Date 16/01/2017
Barcode 744271372588
Country USA
  • A Eyes Of Glass (Vocal)
  • B Eyes Of Glass (Instrumental)

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