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Jean Marc Lederman - The Space Between Worlds (Limited 2CD Edition)

CD / 2xCD
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Description CD1:

“The Space Between Worlds” is loosely based on a strange event I experienced at the Wimbledon Common, back in the early 80’s.

While I was relaxing, laying on the grass, I could hear a bird singing on my left, and another bird replying on the right. I somehow concentrated on that. After a few seconds, the “stereo signal” seemed to rush to the center, becoming one signal, and suddenly I heard a gigantic noise, like the world was opening and ready to plunge into something very different.

It scared me and I forced myself to ‘wake up’. It was probably only self hypnosis but it still made quite an impression on me.

This album kinda mimics that experience by offering hard, abrasive sounds alternating with lighter moments. See it as a kind of experiment where the listener bounces from heavy soundscapes to light repetitive ambiances.

Compiled from an idea by Sven Visterin who suggested

that I should try to put this event in sound.

Description CD2:

"The Last Broadcast On Earth"

A deserted country road at night. You’ve been driving for hours, headlamps on full beam fl ash illuminating ghosts of sleeping trees. The radio plays desperate love songs, songs of hope, songs of despair, lost time and moments where you regret not reaching out to touch another. These songs are gifts wrapped in shiny sonic paper that you tear open with just your mind and your heart. The radio station wants you to cherish them, as you wind through the empty starlit landscape, wondering if this really could be the last night on Earth.

Contains 2 CDs, 3 inserts, 2 badges, a surprise that will grow with love + code for special unreleased audio +cardboard deluxe box

Format CD / 2xCD
Genre(s) Ambient, Soundtrack, Darkambient
Label Wool-E Discs
Catalogue No. WED011
Release Date 21/03/2017
Country Belgium
  • CD1:
  • 1 Enter The Dragonette
  • 2 The Dark Frontier
  • 3 Map Of The World
  • 4 Experimenting A Little Chaos
  • 5 Agatha
  • 6 Chunkey Monkey
  • 7 Awool
  • 8 The Kitchen Door Is Open
  • 9 The Italian Job
  • 10 Strong Expectations
  • 11 Triplets Are Better Than Twins
  • 12 A Darker Snare
  • 13 The Man From Oslo
  • 14 Exiting The Dragonette
  • All tracks composed, played and arranged by Jean-Marc Lederman
  • CD2:
  • 1 Schau Mit Liebe (with Frank M. Spinath)
  • 2a DJ Kling Klang intervention (with Bertrand Burgalat)
  • 2b So Long (with J.P. Aston)
  • 3 The Last Love Song (with Anna Domino)
  • 4 Never Take Fire (by Ghost & Writer)
  • 5 The Reassuring Undertone (with Sophie Drakenvleugels & Raya Schaduwjaagster of Dark Poem)
  • 6 L’amour c’est la mort (with Jacques Duvall)
  • 7 Funky Town
  • 8 The Killing Woods
  • 9 The Last Phone Call (by The Weathermen)
  • 10 Yumemite Aino (I Was Dreaming Of You) (with Takeko Akamatsu)
  • 11 No Regrets (with Froxeanne)
  • 12 Into My Arms (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds cover, with Jenna Fearon)
  • 13 Wolves (by Mari & The Ghost)
  • 14 I Love You, Sandy (with Tom Shear)
  • 15 Good Night (with Sam Devos)
  • 16 Dreams Are All Faded Away (with Julianne Regan)
  • 17 Various weather reports and fade out
  • All tracks composed, played and arranged by Jean-Marc Lederman
  • CD cover and imagery by Kevin B. Lederman
  • Originally a 2015 OFF LABEL release -

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