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Conrad Schnitzler - Live '72

Vinyl / 2xLP
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€ 25


Limited to 1000 copies in total; 100 copies on white vinyl and 900 copies on black vinyl (this). Gatefold jacket on French paper.

Tracks A1-C3 titled ENG.I+II on Conrad Schnitzler's old private list.

Tracks C4+D1 are 1984 mix-outs of the ENG.I+II material.

Format Vinyl / 2xLP
Genre(s) Ambient, EM, Experimental
Label Further Records
Catalogue No. FUR 037
Release Date 06/06/2011
Country USA
  • A1 Untitled
  • A2 Untitled
  • A3 Untitled
  • A4 Untitled
  • B1 Untitled
  • B2 Untitled
  • B3 Untitled
  • C1 Untitled
  • C2 Untitled
  • C3 Untitled
  • C4 Untitled
  • D1 Untitled

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