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Barak Tor - March Of The Triumphator (orange vinyl)

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Vinyl reissue of Barak Tor's classic dungeon synth album.

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Barak Tor is a project created as an homage to fantasy board games such as HeroQuest and the Dark World Trilogy. The songs have a feeling of grandeur, employing majestic melodies and triumphant drumming to solidify the soundscapes. March Of The Triumphator as an album is both grand in scope musically and thematically.

Heavy 180gr vinyl housed in a heavy cardboard sleeve.

Orange vinyl limited to 50 copies.

Format Vinyl
Genre(s) dungeon synth, synth
Label Neuropa Records
Catalogue No. NRP99
Release Date 17/12/2018
Barcode 1104040000996
Country Greece
  • A1. Against The Scarlet Moon A Fortress Rises
  • A2. The Order Of The Pale Dragon
  • A3. With Axe And Sword And Ravenous Might
  • A4. March Of The Triumphator
  • B1. In The Land Of Darkness And Eternal Night
  • B2. The Wanderer, The Warrior And The Phoenix Song
  • B3. Flags Of Dominion Waving Under Fiery Skies
  • B4. I En Svart Kiste

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