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Daniel Deluxe - Instruments Of Retribution (digisleeve)

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CD pressing of Daniel Deluxe's 2018 album "Instruments Of Retribution".

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Copenhagen based producer Daniel Deluxe is back with his sophomore album, “Instruments of Retribution” – and it is certainly not for the faint of heart!

Always one to push the limits of darkwave and darksynth, “Instruments of Retribution” is simply Alexandrovich at his finest. This album feels deeper, darker and more intense than his previous releases, as if the chugging basslines themselves are imbued with hatred and rage.

The traditional Daniel Deluxe sound is still there, but it feels updated, more mature. The grindy kaleidoscope of cyber-basslines arrive at very non-traditional discordant melodies that juxtapose his melodic retro synths succinctly – something only possible through near-perfect mixing and mastering.

6-panel digisleeve - 4/4 printing.

Format CD
Genre(s) synthwave, dark synth
Label Neuropa Records
Catalogue No. NRP92
Release Date 09/11/2018
Barcode 1104040000927
Country Denmark
  • A1. Firewall
  • A2. Cypher
  • A3. Price Of Progress
  • A4. Silent Kings
  • A5. Renegades
  • A6. Instruments Of Retribution
  • B1. Phantoms
  • B2. Almaz
  • B3. Vanguard
  • B4. Prime
  • B5. The Portal

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