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Volkor X - This Means War (black vinyl)

Vinyl / LP
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After having garnered much praise in the synth scene through its first web offerings, Volkor X -by means of this first full-length- pushes his way up through the top where the likes of Perturbator, Gost or Carpenter Brut stand.

"This Means War" offers more than 45 minutes of uchronic prophecy, where Sylvain Coudret from Soilwork makes a guest - and explosive - appearance, and where cosmic evil lurks in every corner. This actually means war!

Black vinyl remains unlimited untill September 20th.

Format Vinyl / LP
Genre(s) synthwave, dark synth, electro, 80's
Label Neuropa Records
Catalogue No. NRP81
Release Date 28/12/2017
Country France
  • A1. Prelude To War (04:40)
  • A2. Masked Death (06:08)
  • A3. Run Away (05:41)
  • A4. Beacon (feat. Dimi Kaye) (06:32)
  • B1. The Bomb (04:31)
  • B2. Hypersleep (05:54)
  • B3. This Means War (feat. Sylvain Coudret) (13:16)

Destroy Exist

Whether you're more into the more absorbable classic outrun, like Kavinsky and Lazerhawk, or the darker, heavier stuff like Carpenter Brut and Perturbator, Volkor X won't let you down as he covers most sections of the synthwave spectrum, changing pace and switching gears back and forth, without sounding like he's trying too hard. This Means War flows naturally like the honest, unbiased futuristic nightmare children have, right after they begin to suspect the existence of monsters in the world.

Among the album's highlights (which are plenty) is the closing 13-minute epic title track, which features Sylvain Coudret, the guitarist from Soilwork.

Enter Volkor X's nightmare...

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Brutal Resonance

All jokes about the gigantic overlord and conqueror of the galaxies, the Frenchman behind Volkor X's sound is very, very good at what he does and I'm glad synthwave fanatics have embraced him so well. Because so have I. I already mentioned how fast this guy's music is selling out, so if you're a stickler for physical, limited copy editions of music, act fast!

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Catering to all lovers of physical formats in a way most befitting of such a spectacular record. This Means War stands out from the crowd and the passion and ability of the producer shines through every single second, making it a Synthetix Reference Experience of the highest order.

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