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Electric Dragon - Covenant (black vinyl)

Vinyl / LP
Availability: In stock Release: 01/11/2017
€ 19

Electric Dragon, from England, is a darksynth project by Ian Mullinger, former rhythm guitarist with famed death/doom metal band Vallenfyre.

Obsessed by Italian horror movies and soundtracks by Goblin, Claudio Simonetti, and Fabio Frizzi, he has experimented with electronica since the days of the C64 and cites SID-chip composer Rob Hubbard as a firm favourite.

All of this, and the vibe of soundtracks like Splatterhouse and Castlevania, are distilled into Electric Dragon’s blend of pounding darksynth, twisted outrun and metal-infused mayhem.

Shades of doom metal are present in tracks like ‘The Curse’ which hints at even darker material to come from Electric Dragon in the future.

Originally released in August 2016, the album features a remix (and mastering) from friend Volkor X and a brutal remix from darksynth legend GosT.

Black vinyl remains unlimited untill September 20th.

Format Vinyl / LP
Genre(s) synthwave, dark synth
Label Neuropa Records
Catalogue No. NRP80
Release Date 01/11/2017
Country United Kingdom
  • A1. Covenant (04:44)
  • A2. Wolf's Blood (04:37)
  • A3. Dark City (04:04)
  • A4. Witching Hour (04:13)
  • A5. Heretic (04:45)
  • B1. Legion Black (04:35)
  • B2. The Curse (04:16)
  • B3. Escape (04:48)
  • B4. Dark City (Volkor X Remix) (04:01)
  • B5. Witching Hour (Gost Remix) (04:47)


“…a 10 track workhorse of atmosphere and innovation… a truly dark, synthwave masterpiece.”


“I’m still trying to wrap my head around how in the fuck former rhythm guitarist for extreme metal group Vallenfyre, Ian Mullinger, has gotten the synthwave game down so well he's beating veterans at their own genre.”


“…a giant brute of an album. Electric Dragon has a neon bright future in the synthwave business. Start paying attention..”

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