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Gloom Influx - First LP (black vinyl)

Vinyl / LP
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Montreal-based producer Luc Leclerc, under the Gloom Influx pseudonym, is releasing his first self-titled full-length album. With this release, Gloom Influx joins the ranks of Neuropa Records.

Gloom Influx delivers a positive blend of electronic music and metal, in the form of dark synthwave. High-octane & energizing tracks like "Entropy" and "Anodizer" go alongside slower, darker pieces like "Obsidiane" and "Metropolis". The album has been mastered by well-known French synthwave producer Volkor X.

Neuropa Records will release the album in the form of a limited edition 180 grams vinyl record.

Next to regular black vinyl, we also offer an edition of 100 copies on colored vinyl. Black vinyl remains unlimited untill September 20th.

Format Vinyl / LP
Genre(s) synthwave, electro, 80's
Label Neuropa Records
Catalogue No. NRP82
Release Date 28/12/2017
Country Canada
  • A1. Entropy (04:57)
  • A2. Transient (04:00)
  • A3. Afterimage (05:19)
  • A4. Obsidiane (04:26)
  • B1. Anodizer (04:17)
  • B2. Checkpoint (04:21)
  • B3. Aeons (05:38)
  • B4. Metropolis (04:43)

My Neon Dreams

Gloom Influx completely blew me away with this album!!! From the very first track, I knew this was bound for all the glory and prestige of earning the Neon Album of the Week Award -- For me, Track 3 - Afterimage represents all that is right in the world of indie synthwave. This track really grabs you and doesn't let go, taking you on an amazing journey through time and space where you find yourself in the midst of an epic showdown in an 80s action flick.


Montréal-based musician Luc Leclerc, aka Gloom Influx, delivers a unique and powerful blend of metal and synthwave, influenced by 80’s movies and video game soundtracks, heavy metal, and contemporary artists like Justice, and Carpenter Brut. Sometimes you need to listen to music that makes you feel like you are in the future in outer space and somehow the 80s never ended. And sometimes you want to add elements of robots, monsters and fear. When you want those things, there are few better than Gloom Influx . Whether you come at this album from the perspective of someone into synthwave, darkwave or someone who likes metal and is looking for a different take on the genre, you’ll probably be glad you did.

Watermelon Banzai

The “First LP” by Gloom Influx is, simply put, pure unadulterated and infectious high energy from start to finish. With an impressive range of synth work, shredding guitars, hard driving chiptunes, and blast processing beats this release is one that you cannot miss and, for my money, is already a contender for one of the best releases this year. Also, how amazing is that artwork by SWZ? Vinyl worthy! *hint*


Are you ready for one of the hottest releases of the summer? Gloom Influx is releasing First LP on June 16th, and if you don’t have it pre-ordered already at Bandcamp then you’re going to be convinced by the time we finish here together. Not only is it filled with catchy tunes…every track is single-worthy, it sounds AMAZING thanks to mastering work by the one and only Volkor X. Get ready to get your hair blown back like the old Maxell cassette advertisement!

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