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Rot In Hell - A Thick Rope & A Strong Branch (red vinyl)

Vinyl / LP
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As the dot above the vulture's wing in the ruins of Göbekli Tepe, ROT IN HELL once again invert their hardcore punk lineage, reincarnated to spite all with 'A Thick Rope And A Strong Branch'; 10 broken headstones of apocalyptic electro-acoustic neo-Holy Terror that dredge the silt, twist the shank and sour the tongue.

Engineered, as always, by James Atkinson at the Mutiny Compound in Bradford, with artwork by the damned elusive Give Up, Rot In Hell's contempt is thinly veiled in disgust, with a whip of knuckle bones and a linking sigil, suicide and the curse of life.

Printed on heavy 180gr red vinyl, packed in a 350gsm custom gatefold folder, 4-color printing on uncoated cardboard. Limited edition of 100 copies pressed.

Format Vinyl / LP
Genre(s) acoustic, holy terror, dark folk
Label Neuropa Records
Catalogue No. NRP40
Release Date 01/03/2017
Barcode 1104040000408
Country United Kingdom
  • A1. Jewel In The Lotus (02:51)
  • A2. Concupiscence & Perversion (03:10)
  • A3. Icon of the Tsetse Fly (03:49)
  • A4. Brown Scapular (04:10)
  • A5. Bacchanal (04:44)
  • B1. Turn This World Inside Out (02:53)
  • B2. Love Lays Us To Rest (03:59)
  • B3. A Thick Rope, A Strong Branch (03:33)
  • B4. Jera Marches (05:11)
  • B5. Treshold Of The Qliphoth (03:01)

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