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Throatsnapper - About The Dead

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Throatsnapper demonstrates heavy, distorted riffs with pummeling drum

patterns. They create a dark infested atmosphere full of crushingly heavy slaps of sludge.

After playing live in Belgium and the Netherlands over the years,

the recording of their full-length album took place in June 2018.

A total of six tracks were recorded at Much Luv studio.

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Format CD
Genre(s) Metal
Label Consouling Sounds, Babylon Doom Cult Records
Catalogue No. SOUL0129
Release Date 25/10/2019
Barcode 3481575337499
  • 1. Another Way
  • 2. From Wood to Gallows
  • 3. Why
  • 4. Wintermoon
  • 5. To Hades
  • 6. Dodenmars

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