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Dustbug - Unfield & Stray

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Dustbug is the pseudonym of Karel Thant, an odd sound architect doing 

nothing rather than entrench himself in a stronghold of music equipment. 

From behind the battlements he leads a force to ethereal soundscapes 

and broad-shouldered drones. In the background lurk all kinds of 

mechanical noises and alien ringing. While hushed melodic motifs 

develop beneath, the border between grimy brightness and scraped darkness is garded. 

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Format CD
Genre(s) Experimental
Label Consouling Sounds
Catalogue No. SOUL0127
Release Date 11/10/2019
Barcode 3481575350023
  • 01 Moon And Spheres Thus
  • 02 Therefore King Alonso Moved
  • 03 Even If Free

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