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30,000 Monkies - Are Forever

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30,000 Monkies likes it hard, loud, suave and loco. Offering super multi-layered nonsensical lyrics while bending sludge, doom and solid riffing with noise and psychedelic drones, the band takes you to all kind of places all at once.

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Format Vinyl
Genre(s) Metal
Label Consouling Sounds
Catalogue No. SOULCXXX
Release Date 27/09/2019
Barcode 3481575268465
  • A1) Miles of Smiles
  • A2) A Gift
  • A3) An Earnest and Sincere Feeling (XD Version)
  • A4) He-Men
  • B1) The Fist of Impending Joy
  • B2) And Ever
  • B3) Cluck Me Up

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