Our Mission

Our mission is to help record labels, stores and distributors sell their products in the online world, while also providing the necessary tools to grow and expand their business.

Early 2016 our founder got frustrated with building online shops for record labels and record stores. The reason for his frustration? E-commerce systems that didn't provide the right set of tools for these labels and stores. There was always a critical piece missing to build the perfect store. Whether the e-ecommerce system had bad shipping options or payment options, or no way to take pre-orders, or things as simple as filter by genre. This sparked the idea for Backstash.

Since that initial spark, we've built the platform record labels, stores and distributors have dreamed of. Together with select labels and stores, we've refined the set of functions to those most needed by starting and expanding businesses. Soon we'll start the next step: a complete solution for shipping.

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