Backstash helps you sell worldwide

As a Belgian based company, we understand more than most that doing business across borders is the only way forward. That’s why we’ve built Backstash, the e-commerce platform made for the record industry.

Making your move into other parts of this world requires the right tools. If you’re selling records and merchandise, that tool is Backstash. We support you in your transition to selling your products online, and long after.

We’ll take care of your online store, calculating the shipping prices, payment methods and a whole lot more. All the while listening closely to your feedback to add and improve features.

Ready to start? Or learn more about our features, our team, or our pricing.

The responsive online store of Neuropa Records on Backstash Picture above: the responsive online store of Neuropa Records

E-commerce for your records and merch

Offer unlimited products & preorders (and merch!), automatically calculated shipping costs and a range of payment options in your online store, specifically designed for records. All of this with the looks of your brand. Customise colours, fonts and more to fit your brand. Use a custom domain name to make your store instantly accessible to customers. Want your own design? We’ll build your unique store together.

Manage with ease

Whether you're adding a new record, changing the price on that slow-selling one or updating that old cover-image for your t-shirt, it's easy and fast with Backstash. Follow up on orders from new to shipped without dropping the ball in between.

The admin part of Backstash Picture above: editing the details of a release in the admin part of Backstash

The checkout process in the online store of Backstash Picture above: the checkout process in the online store

No more worrying

We take care of securing your data and your customer’s data. Your store is automatically secured and encrypted with SSL, from shopping to checkout. Access the platform from anywhere, be it at home on your laptop, or on the go with your phone.

Built for your world

Backstash was built, and still is, together with long standing record labels and stores. By closely listening to input and fine-tuning, we provide a service that is like the vinyl to your recordings. Backstash does the heavy lifting and lets you get back to the music.

Online store of Consouling Sounds on Backstash Picture above: the online store of Consouling Sounds

Happy Backstash Users

Join these satisfied music professionals already using Backstash.

Backstash is a very practical and dynamic tool for managing your online sales of LPs, cds and merchandise.

Adding or removing stock, getting products online, highlighting promotions,... every action is straightforward, easy to learn and simple to manage.

Working with backstash gave our company the possibility to develop a brand new webshop, up to speed with contemporary standards.

Today’s customer needs to be well informed at every possible moment; Backstash allows you to keep information updated and relevant, every moment of the day.

After more than ten years of managing my own record label it was quite the leap to join the ranks of Backstash. I never liked the idea of a subscription to a web-service, because for that I felt too independent.

Since then I’ve changed my opinion, even though it took a face-to-face meeting (and a blonde Chimay!), but meanwhile I’m a very satisfied customer of Backstash.

Their platform saves me a lot of time and creates a much more professional appearance towards my customers. On top of that, the people behind the platform are really helpful and a pleasure to deal with.

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